Return to work after Covid-19 lockdown

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Get your teams back to work safely after the Coronavirus lockdown with virtual video triage.

Get your teams back to work safely after the virus Lockdown

Mediscreen is a rapid, low-cost technology solution to virtually screen your employees before bringing them back to the office after the global Corona lockdown.

With billions of people moved to work remotely overnight, COVID-19 has put huge pressure and caused massive disruptions on businesses across all industries. Now, bringing employees back to the workplace safely, is the challenging focus for all organizations.

Built on a global network of over 85,000 doctors and with direct access of COVID-19 testing kits, Mediscreen empowers employers with teams that need to be onsite to accelerate the overall return to work process. Mediscreen is enabling them to take informed decisions about your employees’ return to work, schedule consultations or request testing kits in one single click. Mediscreens integrated features enable your organization to:

  • Scale the identification of employees able to return to work safely or to keep at home.
  • Prioritize employees return to work based on health status.
  • Minimize overall risk of business disruption accelerating productivity by keeping a healthy workplace.

In addition, the Mediscreen platform constitute a key asset for business leaders to maintain employees’ wellness throughout the organization by making them:

  • Feel safe with expert medical advises.
  • Valued with a strong and personalized return to work process.
  • Supported with a seamless and convenient process, accessible from any device, anywhere and at any time

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