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InformaCast mass notification offers the ability to send and receive alerts from Microsoft Teams

InformaCast Fusion with Microsoft Teams configures Teams as an endpoint to receive emergency communications from InformaCast. When an InformaCast notification is triggered it will send a message directly to Teams as well as all of the other connected devices and systems. InformaCast also makes it easy for Teams users to trigger emergency communications without ever leaving Teams. By downloading the InformaCast bot from the Microsoft app store, Teams users can use the bot within Teams to send a detailed communication that reaches other Teams users as well as all of the other devices and systems connected with InformaCast. When a communication is triggered, it can also automatically launch a new Teams channel to bring together specific security personnel and other administrators who can help manage whatever emergency situation is taking place. By delivering emergency communications to applications that people are using on a daily basis, InformaCast is helping organizations reduce the chance that someone misses a critical safety message and speed up responses to help keep people out of harm’s way. 

InformaCast Fusion is one of the only mass notification solutions on the market that gives users the ability to manage emergency communications to mobile and on-premises devices from a single interface. This means InformaCast utilizes more than mass SMS text messaging to reach people during an emergency. Using a sleek, easy to navigate interface, InformaCast users can build messages for any situation their organization may encounter from active shooter events to severe weather and medical emergencies. In addition to reaching Microsoft Teams, InformaCast can deliver live audio, SMS text, and email notifications to a wide range of compatible devices and systems, like IP phones, mobile devices, IP speakers, desktop computers, digital signage and more for maximum interoperability. Leveraging as many channels and delivery methods as possible helps ensure everyone receives a message and can take appropriate actions to stay safe.

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