STATE3 Online

על-ידי State3 Limited

Helps organisations understand their Technology Ecosystem, so that they can change.

The role of any technology leader is challenging – it requires enabling the company to function through rapid and unending market changes and business initiatives while rising to answer the call of ongoing technology challenges.  This journey requires an in-depth understanding of the organisations current technology environment to ensure that the impact of any change is fully understood and arising risks - mitigated.  The stories of failed technology projects are numerous and include details of drastically increased expenditure, blown out timelines, increased strain on personnel, end solutions that are barely fit for purpose and impact to reputation.  The STATE3 Online solution provides a dynamic current state, allowing changes to be understood and risks mitigated. It encompasses seven key components – technologies, infrastructure, contract information, people/user profiles, business activities, data entities and locations.  Each component yields immense information on its own and this is amplified through the interactions and associations created in STATE3.   

The STATE3 solution provides multiple views, catalogues and insight reports across each component, allowing users to help your company get timely information to ongoing questions

  • Know the technology ‘cost to serve’ for business units, locations, functions, and individuals
  • Understand the true cost of technology, infrastructure, processes
  • Understand the impact of change on your technology ecosystem
  • Visualise onsite technology across your locations
  • Enable your change processes
  • Manage contracts and vendors, ensuring you are in control of the renewal / RFP process

STATE3 Online is hosted within a secure Microsoft Azure instance.  Authorised users can include manual and automated updates via direct integrations or via a staged platform.  This keeps your current state - current and ensuring it is always up-to-date.  With a rapid and light-touch implementation process, STATE3 Online can start delivering the value within weeks, ensuring users have access to catalogued information, visualisations and insight reports as and when they are need


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