Virtual Desktop Configurator for Media Production

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The only click-not-code solution for the deployment of media production environments in Azure

The Creative Desktop configurator is a free to use app that simplifies and automates the deployment of creative VDI infrastructure in Azure. The configurator application translates end-user requirements into tailored Azure architecture which can be deployed in under 50 minutes. 

Through a set of simple workflow questions, the configurator application will translate end-user requirements into Azure architecture which can then be deployed in any Azure subscription in under 50 minutes. The architecture is optimised to work seamlessly with Teradici Cloud Access Service, the best in class access protocol and brokering system.

In under 50 minutes, users can deploy a full cloud production environment, including GPU enabled workstations, shared edit storage and creative applications tailored to workflow and budget requirements.

Why run creative workflows in the Azure?

  • Access high-powered cloud workstations
  • Create a central and accessible data repository
  • Ensure assets and data stay inside the corporate network
  • Reduce office space
  • Reduce users attending production events
  • Access freelance talent
  • Transition to an OpEx business model

Why use the configurator application?

  • The only click-not-code solution for the deployment of GPU-enabled VM's, storage and edit applications
  • Deploy Azure infrastructure in 50mins
  • Reduces unnecessary cloud consumption by tailoring infrastructure to user workflows
  • No cloud/Azure expertise needed

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