SITE - Offshore wind operations, logistics and HSE

על-ידי Systematic A/S

Systematic SITE - used by leading offshore wind developers/operators to gain operations efficiency

With the growth in offshore wind farms managed from centralized on-shore hubs, the operations managers experience an increasingly frag-mented set of IT tools used for monitoring the assets, planning the work offshore and ensuring that all work is performed according to Quality and HSE standards. 
As a result of the fragmented set of IT tools, process execution be-comes cumbersome and lacks the efficiency desired to drive down the cost of energy. Because of the large set of IT tools used to provide in-formation required for operational decisions, the information lacks relia-bility and decisions are at risk of being driven by opinions and habits.
Some of the fragmentation is an effect of the industry legacy having construction projects buy marine coordination software systems. Once the construction project is completed, the marine coordination soft-ware system is patched into the IT landscape already in place at the O&M hub. 
The largest multi site offshore wind operators are now actively using the Systematic SITE software product as the single, coherent offshore management system used to execute marine coordination and related processes no matter whether projects are at construction or O&M stage.      
SITE is a software product made for the people that deals with manag-ing offshore wind operations. With SITE, organisations can import and display a wide range of data related to offshore wind operations, man-age key processes related to safety and logistics, and get a uniform re-porting of data across multiple windfarms.

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