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Media4Display Digital Signage Software

Media4Display allows to create, manage and broadcast your digital content over a network of screens.

Media4Display is a digital signage CMS that allows corporations and organizations to efficiently communicate and interact with their customers, visitors and employees at physical places such as offices, points of sales, malls, branches, dealerships, shopfloors, warehouses, hospitals, airports, stations, streets and public areas. 

Create and broadcast your own content
With Media4Display you intuitively create, plan and manage in real time via a web browser the 24/7 broadcasting of digital and multimedia content over a network of screens: images, slides, videos, PPT, PDF, HTML, IPTV…

Enrich your content with data sources

Media4Display software natively interfaces with third-party applications. Display, in real time, data from your database and information systems, Power BI, Dynamics, Office365...

Optimize uptime of the displays 

More than a digital signage software, the CMS includes a complete device management and data synchronization solution. This back office allows a complete management and security of the devices as well as data synchronization functions.

Enable interactions 

With Media4Display your content can change based on external events such as lift and learn, weather conditions, traffic... Viewers can interact through touch, QRcode, bar codes, NFC, RFID... Content can also be triggered by signals coming from sensors, cameras, industrial equipments...

Manage contributors

You can manage centrally all broadcasts wherever the screens are located. You can also delegate entirely or partially the broadcasting to local teams.

Media4Display software is available in license purchase mode (On-premise) and Cloud mode (Software as a Service).

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