Telia Teams Telephony

Telia Company

Telia Teams Telephony integrates calling services in Microsoft Teams

Telia Teams Telephony is a concept that target the customer segment that wants to integrate or replace their existing telephony solution with Microsoft 365 Phone System.
It is based on Direct Routing and the main component integrate the users mobile phone numbers, PSTN network and Telia’s calling plans with Teams
It offers a “one number” solution for the user, which means that the user are able to answer incoming calls for their mobile number in Teams, and also present the mobile number for outgoing calls from Teams. Incoming calls can be dual forked to both mobile phone and Teams. The outgoing calls will be charged on the existing calling & data plan for the mobile phone.
The concept also offer a fixed number series (PSTN-number) for fixed phones, for service numbers or for users that want to communicate via a fixed number on the mobile phone.
Telia have achieved Advanced Specialization Calling for Teams as the only Telco in the Nordics, 
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