LUCA+ Powering Business Network

על-ידי The Block Ledger Pty Ltd

LUCA+ automatically populates invoices directly into your accounting platform

LUCA+ is the world’s first true electronic invoicing (e-invoicing) platform, allowing businesses to instantly, and completely, process invoices, whether sending or receiving them. Using your current accounting solution, LUCA+ syncronises your invoices and bills with your customers or suppliers, cutting out repetitive tasks and letting you get back to business. In doing so, LUCA+ is estimated to save businesses as much as 70% of the costs associated with account maintenance and administration.

LUCA+ also includes a suite of features in addition to automatic invoice processing, including cashflow tools and analysis. With the option to connect your organisation’s banking accounts, Luca+ can reconcile bill and invoice payments, providing account overviews, payment time projections, future cashflow estimations and more. 

On top of its account management applications, LUCA+ includes the latest security and audit technology. Built using Ledgerium Blockchain technology, data on LUCA+ is extremely secure, while also being immutable, providing audit and verification potential. This means on LUCA+, account integrity is greater than on any other platform. 

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