Spectrum UVC

על-ידי ThingsPH Inc

IoT-based Smart UVC system for enterprises to safely operate and control UVC systems remotely.

Spectrum UVC is an IoT-based UVC application that allows enterprises to safely operate and control UVC systems remotely and at scale. The application has all the necessary features to simplify UVC operations at scale, including a mobile app that can be used by people on the ground for a safer control mechanism. It can be integrated with simple IoT switches or a more complex system with motion detection and power usage analyzer.

  1. Web-based
  2. Authenticated access
  3. Runs on any browser or tablet
  4. Integrates to standard smart switch device using LoRaWAN / NBIoT / LTE-m protocols
  5. Realtime control and feedback to smart switches
  6. Control Dashboards
  7. Analytics Dashboards
  8. Device status 
  9. Disinfection process
  10. Ground staff application
  11. Reports
  12. Alerts
  13. Multi-user access
  14. API Integrations
  15. Highly scalable
  16. Highly customizable

The application can run on different UVC control modes:
  1. Simple switch controls
  2. Multi-stage disinfection process

Spectrum UVC is a good starting point for enterprises who are undergoing IoT transformation as the application can serve as the single platform for any other IoT applications to help enterprises gain real-time data and real-time controls across facilities. 

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