VZOR Suite 360°

על-ידי VZOR SpA

Comprehensive and unified 360-degree monitoring platform for processes, apps, IT infrastructure.

VZOR Suite 360 is a monitoring services platform that provides a comprehensive End-to-End vision in real time, measuring the company's Technological ecosystem (processes; applications; infrastructure) IT and OT and its core business processes associated with operational continuity. 
In short, the VZOR Suite 360 Platform is oriented to the areas of Technology Operations, IT, OT and includes the business areas they need:
Provides 360-degree visibility to your organization.
Perfect user experience (UX).
Predict less than 1 hour in advance, events that affect the normal continuity of the company.
Reduces operational cost (TCO).
Centralizes, unifies, and consolidates data into a single monitoring platform.
Main modules that make up the platform :
VZOR Infra Monitor; VZOR Apps Monitor; VZOR Business Monitor; VZOR Brain Monitor; VZOR Risk Monitor; VZOR Stress Monitor Service. 
Each module can contract the needs separately from the customer.

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