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WellKom360™ Org guaranteed to permanently boost organisational and personal performance - wellness

Transform Your Organisation with WellKom360™ Org

Discover the game-changing potential of WellKom360™ Org, brought to you by WellKom International. Unleash the true power of your workforce and witness remarkable transformations in individual and organizational wellness. Our validated solution is proven to permanently enhance employee wellbeing, productivity, and engagement while boosting retention and satisfaction levels across organisations of all sizes.

For employees, WellKom360™ delivers unparalleled personalisation at scale through a secure, on-demand platform. Uncover the underlying factors impacting every aspect of their lives as they embark on a journey toward lasting improvement.

For leaders WellKom360™ Team boosts team performance, via anonymised reports and insights. The WellKom360™analytics approach also fosters a new mindset, at all levels, to continuous improvement

For your organisation, gain unprecedented insights into your employees. Our AI-powered software, seamlessly integrated with Power BI, extracts unique and invaluable insights that inform your decision-making process. Leverage this knowledge to shape data-driven strategies, drive key performance indicators, and witness positive change in your employees.

WellKom360™ Org stands out from the crowd:

🚀 Experience significant mental and physical improvements, trusted by thousands of individuals and companies worldwide. 🔍 Focus on root cause issues for lasting, transformative change and performance improvement. ⚡ 50% increase in the number of employees with a higher capacity to excel at work. 💼 Cultivate a motivated and engaged workforce, reducing the risk of turnover. 🧠 Unlock never-before-seen insights with our AI-driven technology, amplifying your brand and supporting your ESG commitments. 🔒 Seamlessly onboard your team, regardless of your organisation's size.

Accessible via web, mobile, Microsoft Teams, and Viva for ultimate convenience.

  • Maintain privacy and confidentiality with secure online accounts available 24/7.
  • Utilize anonymized, aggregated data to protect individual privacy.
  • Effortlessly integrate with other data sources and lakes for comprehensive analytics.
  • Optional access to certified wellness professionals (internal/external) and obtain Wellness Certificates for leaders and individuals.
  • Embrace global implementation with our multi-lingual capabilities and ease of customisation / white labelling.

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