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PowerUp™ Personal and Organisational Wellness Enabling Results

PowerUp™ Personal and Organisational Wellness Enabling Results

PowerUp™ is a Whole Life – Whole Organisation validated and proven wellness profiling, development and reporting platform designed to improve your employees’ mental and physical health, both in and out of the office. With a private and confidential account, the Whole Life questionnaire immediately generates a personal profile (covering 70+ metrics) and personalized, developmental recommendations. It also provides goal achievement resources to start making changes straight away. Open architecture facilitates the easy integration of hundreds of devices / wearables and personal health record. Reprofiling capabilities make it easy to track and see progress. Gamification and certification programs can be included to help maximize personal development.

PowerUp™ gives you proven results:

  • Very significant mental and physical improvements
  • 50% people report higher capacity to perform well at work
  • More motivated and engaged workforce, reducing risk of turnover
  • Guaranteed new insights to improve KPI’s
  • Legal duty of care on stress compliance

PowerUp™ is easy to implement

  • SaaS subscription
  • Private & confidential online account accessible 24/7
  • Everything required for success already included
  • Optional access to certified wellness persons (internal / external)
  • Personal Performance - Wellness Management Certificate
  • Multi-lingual available for global implementation

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