The Digital Twin For The Built World


The Premier Digital Twin Solution for Real Estate and Infrastructure

Willow is a technology company, born from the property space that specialises in Digital Twin creation.  Digital Twins are virtual representations of physical assets, overlaid with real-time information from devices, equipment, people and places. Digital Twins are a new innovative technology for the property space that represents a step-change in the management of building data, and IoT. 

WillowTwin is an enterprise technology solution that can be adopted at scale. The platform has been designed to capture and maximise the opportunities that are arising from Cloud Computing, Intelligent Edge and the Intelligent Cloud (Industry 4.0), and is delivering benefits today that create significant value for a variety of stakeholders; whether that be on a new construction project, existing building, an entire portfolio or entire infrastructure network.

Willow is the interface for the built world providing an intuitive, seamless and secure platform to harness the power of the Intelligent Cloud and the Intelligent Edge.



All asset data in a single pane of glass
WillowTwin is a single source of truth for all asset information. Combining geospatial data, equipment data, occupant data and live data into a secure and intuitive platform.

Track data during construction
WillowTwin enables owners and construction teams to better track, validate and manage data during the construction of new projects to improve the handover of valuable information as the building becomes operational.

Drive Powerful Insights
In operations, the Digital Twin is able to provide powerful, contextual insights into faults, building maintenance and sustainability.

Create a More Connected Occupant Experience
Willow also provides an occupant application that supports modern workplaces – integrating all aspects of daily work life into a seamless mobile experience.

Integrate Safely and Securely

The Digital Twin is also provides a secure and streamlined methodology for integrating with other third party technology suppliers.


Target Industries

Real Estate: Commercial Office, Corporate Real Estate, Smart Campuses

Infrastructure: Railways and Roads (Serviced by WillowRail)

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