Finance&Operations AR Daily Task: 1-Day Workshop

Dynamics Edge

*This instructor-led, one-day workshop is an in-depth review of the full accounts receivable cycle daily accounting responsibilities.*

### Who Should Attend? * All accounting personnel responsible for day to day accounts receivable duties. ### Course Objectives After completing this course, students will be able to: * Create a new customer * Edit an existing customer * Enter a customer invoice * Receive payments * Create a sales order * Review reports for accuracy or research ### Course Outline _First Part of the Workshop_ ### Module 1: Customer Maintenance * Create new customer groups * Create a new customer * Update the customer purchasing defaults ### Module 2: Customer Invoices * Create free text invoices * Post a free text invoice * Create a reoccurring free text invoice * Sales returns with a free text invoice * Correct a free text invoice * Invoice inquiry to review posted free text invoices * Create a payment journal * Using the collections workbench _Final Part of the Workshop_ ### Module 3: Customer Invoices from Sales Orders * Create a sales order * Picking and shipping the sales order * Create a customer invoice from a sales order * Post customer invoice from a sales order or packing slip/date * Consolidate sales orders or packing slips for posting ### Module 4: Reports and Researching * Export data to Excel * Which Finance and Operations reports are useful
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