Microsoft Teams Governance Workshop - 2 Days

Enabling Technologies Corporation

Enabling’s Microsoft Teams Governance Workshop provides organizations with guidance, security, user experience and deployment best practices.

Microsoft Teams can hypercharge collaboration across organizations. But if left ungoverned, corporate information and files can be at risk. Chaos can quickly take over with too many Microsoft Teams created and too few controls on membership and ownership. Confusion will set in as users try to decipher what to store in Microsoft Teams vs. OneDrive vs. SharePoint vs. other storage locations; not to mention, the effort it takes to find content when needed.

Enabling’s Microsoft Teams Governance Workshop provides organizations with guidance, security, user experience and deployment best practices. Facilitated discussions and whiteboarding will provide information necessary to evaluate your current rollout. The outcome will be a sustainable roadmap including: Day 1 discussion Footprint of a team (across Office 365) • Microsoft Teams Service Ownership • Change Control Guidance • Permissions and Roles • Shared responsibilities of Microsoft Teams owners • Guest Access, Authentication, and Sharing Rules • Federation Best Practices • Retention Policies • Lifecycle Management • Data Loss Prevention Techniques • Regulatory Compliance (PII, GDPR, HIPAA, etc.) • eDiscovery, Incident and Breach Response Plans • Securing 3rd Party Sideloaded Apps • Layering Security (MFA, DLP, MDM, MAM) • Audit Policy Guidance • Microsoft Roadmap Impacts • User Experience Adoption & Change Management

Day Two: Finish discussion from first day and answer any questions. Produce the Roadmap including findings and recommendations.

Enabling’s consultant will meet with your Microsoft Teams administrator(s) and compliance/governance personnel. We will ask questions and assess the current status of up to three (3) Microsoft Teams. We will advise on issues we see and answer questions about your concerns. We will summarize the engagement by providing a 2-5 page deliverable document outlining our findings and recommendations.

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