Finance & Operations: 5-Day Proof of Concept

EPM Strategy

*An installation of customized Power BI dashboards with KPIs based on Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations data that serves as a prototype for your future reporting needs.*

Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations has a number of modules - Financial Management, Inventory Management, Sales, Purchasing and more. Whichever modules you are using and however you are using them, do you have a deep understanding of what data is in your system? No matter how you are using the Dynamics 365 system, EPM Strategy can provide detailed dashboard reports. ### Deliverables Exact report deliverables are based on the modules you use but can include: **Sales** * Quotes * Invoices * Payables * Receivables * Customer Information * Trends **Financials** * Accounting * Receivables * Payables * Trends **Inventory** * Detail Views * Substitutions * On-Hand, On-Order and WIP pieces **Manufacturing** * Scheduling * Vendor Information * Inventory information * Status * Warranty * Claims * Rejections In five days, EPM Strategy will create a Proof of Concept with you, giving you a perspective of your data that you may never have had before.
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