JOOR Integration - 4 WK Implementation

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Integrate your JOOR store with Dynamic 365 Finance and Operations – automate and sync data

Folio3’s JOOR Connector for Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations is a complete integration solution for your B2B or B2C JOOR store. The connector syncs business processes and data such as orders, customer details, vendors, products, inventory, and more between your JOOR e-store and Dynamic 365 Finance and Operations. The solution helps you capture sales data in your ERP from different marketplaces.

Some of our JOOR Connector features:

Easy Order Management: All sales orders and associated customer and billing details are automatically synced from JOOR to Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations. Customer/Marketplace Information Management: Automatically sync B2B and B2C customer data between the two systems.

Automated Product Synchronization: Any product created or updated in Dynamics 365 Business Central, is automatically reflected in marketplaces that are connected with JOOR along with related details such as product category, product name, description, pricing, etc.

Multiple Pricing Opportunities: You can offer customized pricing to your customers. The personalized pricing option is driven by a set of rules specified by you through your Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations ERP.

Data Migration: The connector also enables the migration of data from JOOR into Microsoft Dynamics 365. Fully Customizable: Our Dynamics 365 integration with JOOR is fully customizable, so you can add any functionality you need to it’s out of the box feature set. Log Maintenance: A complete record of integration logs will be maintained.

Deliverables: Product(style) sync Product update Price sync Inventory sync Customers(connection) sync Salesorder sync Testing and QA

Pricing There’s a one-time installation cost and then a nominal annual fee. We don’t charge on the number of transactions. There are no hidden costs. For more info visit: JOOR Dynamics Integration

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