Cyber Portfolio Rationalization: 3-Day Workshop


Simplify your cybersecurity portfolio to reduce the cost and complexity of your Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure environment

Cybersecurity doesn’t have to be complex. The objective of this portfolio rationalization effort is to assess the ability of the Microsoft Office 365 Security products to simplify your security portfolio and reduce the cost and complexity of your cybersecurity solutions. Every extra tool you have is an extra tool you manage - our clients often have redundant tools that cost them time, money, and resources to manage. We can help you get the most out of the Microsoft Office 365 Security Platform.

Utilizing a collaborative approach, supported by PwC technology and automation, PwC’s Portfolio Rationalization holistically assesses your organization’s security capabilities across the enterprise to identify areas of improvement and facilitate the adoption of Microsoft Office 365 cybersecurity technologies to utilize, rationalize, and optimize your cybersecurity portfolio.

Each day of the workshop is a different phase: Phase 1 - Before the session - You must determine which of 10 security domains you want to focus on and provide PwC with information on your current in use security technologies for these areas Phase 2 - Portfolio rationalization session - Using automation and dynamic visualization, We work together to make sense of your organization’s cybersecurity portfolio, identify “hot spots” or key rationalization areas, and develop the core of the go-forward action plan. Phase 3 - After the session - PwC delivers a formal deliverable package consisting of pre-session materials, the session highlights, and a formal action plan.

Our assessment will result in a tools rationalization report to recap and document key pain-points and opportunities with an action plan and roadmap to enhance your Microsoft Office 365 security environment. 

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