Dynamics GP migration assessment: 3-Day Assessment

RSM Product Sales LLC

A technical migration path assessment for Microsoft Dynamics GP customers to Dynamics 365 Business Central.

RSM offers a technical assessment of Dynamics GP centric solution deployments for the viability, fit and roadmap requirements to successfully transition to a Dynamics 365 Business Central based solution. Organizations that are presently utilizing an on-premise solution are facing a decision point as it relates to cloud based ERP. RSM is working with clients to evaluate and determine a tactical approach to cloud ERP migration.

We will provide an overall readiness assessment that focuses on the Dynamics GP solutions and related ISV solutions, application integrations, and enhancements/customizations.

Our experience indicates that additional benefits can be achieved as a result of added features, integration capabilities, and modernizations found within Business Central. We will identify those that resonate with your organization and incorporate them into our roadmap and solution. We will execute a technical evaluation of your Dynamics GP system to determine which of our proven migration strategies fits best.

Our assessment includes a technical evaluation of:

Database Comparison Tool (RTM vs Client) - Dexterity Based ISV or Customizations - Dynamics.Set file analysis (Module IDs),(Dictionary paths),(Identification of 3rd party or custom Dexterity dictionaries) - Forms Modifications (Forms.dic file analysis) - Reports Modifications (Reports.dic file analysis) - VBA Code (Dynamics.vba file analysis) - Add Ins (AddIns directory analysis) - Integrations (Integration Manager), (IM.mdb database), (eConnect)

We also conduct a solution fit exercise in which we will ask for your participation in a requirements review session to ensure any existing gaps in your Dynamics GP based solution set are identified and adequately addressed in our recommendations and approach.

Our assessment will provide a solution set recommendation, a timeline to accomplish the migration and additional business objectives, as well as investment expectations for any licensing and services.

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