Migrate GP to Business Central:6-Wk Implementation

RSM Product Sales LLC

Technical migration from Microsoft Dynamics GP to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

RSM offers a technical migration of Dynamics GP to a Dynamics 365 Business Central based solution. Organizations that are presently utilizing an on-premise solution are facing a decision point as it relates to cloud based ERP.

We have developed a toolset to allow for a technical, systematic migration of Dynamics GP clients to Dynamics 365 Business Central. This approach allows for the enhancement or mapping of data elements such as the General Ledger Chart of Accounts or Dynamics GP’s Segments to Business Central Dimensions. Additionally, our solution allows for the complete migration of detailed historical Dynamics GP General Ledger history. This provides for seamless financial reporting after migration without the dependency of retaining user access to the legacy environment.

Master record migration, open and active transactions, and subledger (A/R and A/P) history will all be provided as part of this migration. Training and testing will be delivered by experienced solution consultants, and eLearnings will be made available to your users through our Managed Application Services offering.

Migration to a cloud based ERP solution is not the final step; we see your migration as your FIRST step in your technology adoption, and we focus on the business needs that will exist post-migration. The Dynamics 365 platform provides access to an extensive library of target business applications ranging from Sales and Customer service through Business Intelligence and application integrations.

Upfront investment is often a barrier in engagements such as this which is why we have developed this offering as part of our Managed Application Services (MAS) solutions. This implementation requires a 36 month MAS agreement where the fixed fee cost will be spread across the duration of the MAS contract. This approach provides a more consumable investment with a single source for all your business application management needs.

Note: Price will vary based on assessment results.

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