nHanced 365 Core

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nHanced 365 enables a user to customize their user interface, data and reports.

nHanced 365 is a series of apps designed to take the superb Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central product and enhance the user's experience.  It allows you to visualise and manipulate your information as well as helping you to control your environment.  nHanced Panels and Tiles, for example, allows you to quickly and easily add your own tiles to the role centre, showing you the information important to you and your own needs, or even your department's needs.

nHanced 365 makes your life that little bit easier!

The nHanced 365 Core Suite includes 3 apps:

nHanced 365 Panels and Tiles

  • Control the appearance and set up of your Role Centre Panels and Tiles
  • Define tile criteria for drill down to dynamic lists and reports
  • Create Panels to group tiles for specific user communities
  • Configure multiple panels per user

nHanced 365 Fields and Tables

  • Create new fields of any type including calculated fields that carry out calculations based on other fields
  • Newly created fields can be easily accessed from Pages, Panels & Tiles
  • Extend the information you record by creating your own pseudo tables and lists
  • Import data directly into nHanced 365 Tables and Fields

nHanced 365 Views

  • Group and view records by multiple fields and view as flexible grids, information lanes, graphs or maps
  • Drag and drop records from column to column to update information directly
  • Create and manipulate your own reports in minutes! Select the table to report from (i.e. Customers) select some fields to show and off you go!

A free trial is available from this site when you first install the suite and lasts for 30 days.  This app supports both the Essential and Premium edition of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and is available in: Canada, United Kingdom and United States.  More information can be found at 

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