Field Level Security

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Field Level Security APP lets you manage roles & permission at field level.

Ever wondered how you can manage roles & permissions at ‘field level’ in Business Central.

Have you ever felt the need of defining permission(s) at 'field level' that is hampering your business?

There have been multiple cases when an organization needs to control security at ‘field level’ but this has remained a challenge ever since.

This APP will let you define user-based field level permissionson the fly.

Features & Benefits of using this extension

This APP can be controlled by admin of this App in following manner; Admin can:-

  • define what tables & fields are to be assigned permissions
  • define a particulat user(s) to have accessible to those setup based fields define in above step

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Supported editions:

This extesion supports both the Essential & Premium editionsof Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Supported countries:

United States

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