Bright Pattern for Microsoft Dynamics and Teams

Bright Pattern Inc

Bright Pattern Omnichannel Cloud Contact Center Solution

The easiest, most powerful AI-powered omnichannel contact center software. Bright Pattern is ideal for organizations powered by Microsoft with integration to Dynamics 365, Teams, and Azure. It is the fastest to deploy (half the time of industry average) with the highest ROI per G2 Crowd. 


Bright Pattern & Dynamics 365: Bright Pattern delivers a fully integrated Omnichannel Contact Center that allows customers to have a seamless continuous single conversation across all channels

  • Complete Integration - screen pop, click to call, transfer, post-activity history, and skills-based routing

  • Omnichannel - voice, chat, email, SMS, messengers (WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, LINE), video chat, bots

  • Quality Management - analyze 100% of interactions on all channels with AI 


Bright Pattern & Teams

  • Bring everyone in every department together to improve CX:

    • See user presence

    • See if a colleague is online, away, busy, or offline, and bring them into a contact center conversation 

    • Invite subject matter experts to join phone calls for transfers and conference calls

    • See Teams directories and group membership

    • Allow users outside the call center to call agent extensions

    • Allow users outside the call center to start chats with agents as if it was a Microsoft Teams conversation

  • Move the conversation from Teams to any channel, like voice, chat, text, SMS, messengers, etc.

  • Invite Teams users outside of the call center to join conversation


Bright Pattern & Azure

  • Microsoft AI for conversational IVR and agent assistance

  • Microsoft Azure voice biometrics to authenticate callers

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