Dynamics 365 Modern Immigration Management System

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The solution provides end-to-end scenario to manage and track immigration cases for their employees

The Dynamics 365 Immigration Management System (IMS) provides an end-to-end solution for organizations managing and tracking Immigration cases for their employees. IMS is pre-configured to enable tracking and managing employee immigration cases and also integrates with the HR initiation processes providing end to end visibility in tracking data across systems. The key features of the IMS app include:

  • Case Management which helps in handling of the different immigration cases opened for the foreign national employee and dependents. Some of the key features of Case Management include template association, case stage management, case step processing, case document management, and forms management.
  • The Questionnaire allows the business users to create different types of questionnaires and attach them to a case, send them to a foreign national on the click of a button. The same questionnaire can be reused for different case steps based on the requirement of the case.
  • The Foreign National (FN) Portal enables the immigration team within the organization to interact with the foreign national employee. The portal serves as a platform for the foreign national to view their cases, documents, questionnaires and any pending tasks.
  • Forms Management enables the user to draft USCIS forms within their cases and save the forms, generate a PDF and attach the PDF to a filing packet. The solution includes seventeen master forms which are the most commonly used forms in the work petitions filed with USCIS.
  • FN Management allows a user to store and manage case information for a foreign national employee. The immigration dates and the documents required for the processing of immigration cases and the dependents associated with the foreign national employee are also managed here.

As a part of prerequisites to install the IMS app, the below App Source solution capabilities are utilized which must be installed or imported into the user’s CRM organization:

  • Power Auto Number
  • Data Export service
  • Email Lab Alerts
  • Voice of Customer
  • Portal Installation and Configuration
  • CRM Hub

 See the deployment guide for more information concerning installation and configuration steps for the IMS app.

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