DC WeChat Connector


Empower your Microsoft Dynamics 365 with marketing activities on WeChat Official Account (公众号).

DC WeChat Connector is the integration platform for Dynamics 365 and WeChat to help enterprises with research, advertising, and marketing. The DC WeChat Connector solution provides users with cloud agent services from Dynamics 365 to WeChat, and supports personalized and customized services such as WeChat public account management, user group management, accurate sending of enterprise messages and others. Combined with a bundle of apps and solutions of Dynamics 365, DC WeChat Connector can help turn prospects into business relationships.

DC WeChat Connector makes up for the lack of marketing components in Chinese Dynamics 365 online edition. With it, you can manage WeChat official account  (微信公众号) in Dynamics 365, interact with customers and send text, pictures, voices, videos and multi-graphic messages to them.

Your fans can register as members on WeChat and acquire member privileges. Meanwhile, you can collect member information on Dynamics 365 for customer relationship management and users group through user portraits, so as to send personalized messages and achieve accurate customer marketing.

DC WeChat Connector builds a data bridge between Dynamics 365 and WeChat official accounts  (微信公众号). You can manage all the messages which are stored in Dynamics 365 system.

DC WeChat Connector is a combination of Dynamics 365 and WeChat to deliver a great customer experience. By combining rich marketing apps of Dynamics 365 and WeChat marketing, this partnership will make sales, marketing and customer relationship management much easier. For more information, please contact us at website.

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