Estate Management

SIS Global

Optimise the lifecycle of your estate management

Designed for small, medium and large residential housing communities, SIS Global’s all-encompassing estate management solution integrates the homeowner, architect and construction company, plots, locations and process, across an entire estate increasing efficiency and improving collaboration and interactions with the housing estate. The solution will optimise the lifecycle of your estate management including individuals, service companies, equipment, suppliers and other third parties, whilst managing the operations, maintenance and production facilities. For some residential housing communities, the homeowner’s association has the responsibility to not only manage the residents and their properties, but also has the challenge of managing the communal assets and facilities as well. With our solution, the home owner’s association is able to manage the maintenance and up keep of other aspects within the estate and complex for instance communal assets including buildings, amenity spaces, recreational grounds such as golf courses and associated buildings, club houses, communal gardens, roads and security access, infrastructure and other facilities that might be available to their residents. A full Lease management and billing module provides the option to not only sell properties but also to rent, both residential properties and commercial space to third party service providers. The system provides the community with a full end-to-end solution for managing a residential housing community, without the need for multiple software solutions to cover the complexity of managing such an estate.