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Work smarter and more efficient with the ValidSign Sharepoint add-in

With the intuitive and easy-to-use digital signing solution from ValidSign, documents can easily be signed on any device. Brand your environment and your emails with your own corporate identity and exude the professionalism that is used to you. You can get started with the ValidSign solution in no time. Experience ease of use by uploading your document(s), adding recipients, and sending your document(s).

You can start sending your documents with the ValidSign for SharePoint add-in as off today. Speed up the signing process, improve customer experience and simplify signing with the ValidSign add-in for SharePoint.


• easy to use;

• legally valid;

• signed in minutes;

• low costs;

• accelerate signing;

• Safe (encrypted);

• improving the customer experience;

• Signing can take place on any device. No additional software download or account is required for the signer to sign.

This add-in is free to download and includes a demo account that is valid for 2 weeks. To request for a demo account you can go to:

This plug-in requires a valid license from ValidSign.

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