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Showcase content and amplify reach through employee advocacy.

Sociabble delivers top of the line enterprise social media solutions for employee advocacy, social selling, internal communication and Employee Engagement. Employees are better informed, improve their digital footprint while enhancing the visibility of the company externally. The platform aggregates company content sourced from its official company channels (social networks, company websites, etc.), content from curation platforms and content suggested by the platform's users. Beyond content consumption, employees can engage with in-built quizzes and surveys. Users win points and earn badges based on their engagement.

This app allows you to create tabs for your teams to showcase tailored content to specific collaborators and have discussions around them, or push content directly to your channels through connectors to make them accessible to your team. A full embedded experience of Sociabble is also available directly from your sidebar for a fast access to company news.

Companies in the high tech, financial services, manufacturing and retail industries may find Sociabble a strong fit, but any large entreprise or multinational will find Sociabble to be a good choice to digitally empower a large and diverse group of users.

To start using the app, you need an active Sociabble account. Please visit for assistance on setting up your account.

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