Acterys Variance

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Acterys Variance KPI Cards Small Multiples Variance Analysis Write Back Planning in Power BI

KPI cards with planning and forecasting option. Switch between different display options: absolute, relative and waterfall in a vertical or horizontal small multiple display. Set cut off period and see projected results of your plan changes in real-time.


  • Get instant understanding of your performance against targets and what is driving variances
  • Adjust your plans directly on the charts to simulate scenarios or react to changes
  • Fully configurable KPI indicators with switch between absolute and relative and waterfall variance display
  • Advanced forecasting, planning and write-back on any level by dragging on the chart bars. Set cut off periods and see projections based on plan changes in real-time (requires Acterys subscription).
  • Option to display total across all cards
  • Zoom into charts
  • Category drill down
  • Supports all Power BI features like custom tool tips and drill through.

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