SenseCAP LoRaWAN Wireless Network Solution


High-performance industrial LoRa gateways & sensors, for smart agriculture and smart city.

We believe that the Internet of Things will be a new class of digital & physical infrastructures and will empower a more intelligent world. A reliable physical sensing network is the foundation of this convoluted net.

Seeed is dedicated to providing reliable and scalable data-collection solutions to system integrators and service providers. Designed with an extremely-easy-to-use mindset, our products enable you to develop, deploy, and scale-up your applications flexibly, globally, and of course, rapidly.

SenseCAP is a series of industrial IoT products. Its LoRaWAN version is based on LoRaWAN protocol and deployable worldwide with multiple ISM bands. SenseCAP is encapsulated in an IP66 enclosure, making it applicable in outdoor remote sensing scenarios with IoT applications that need low-power, long-distance, and long-term data collection.

SenseCAP is perfect for applications in industries such as smart agriculture, precision farming, husbandry, weather stations, agricultural meteorology, smart city, and other environmental monitoring scenarios. 

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