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Active Cypher File Fortress (ACFF)

Active Cypher

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Encrypt & Track Files Everywhere, Automatically.

Active Cypher's intelligent, zero-trust file security is automated to operate invisibly with immutable governance. 

The Benefits of Active Cypher

  • Secure Private Cloud - Leveraging deep integration with Azure and Active Directory to deploy your own secure private cloud. Synchronizes with Office 365 and Azure Active Directory cloud services. 
  • End-To-End Encryption - Files are always encrypted and only available for viewing and editing by authorized users. 
  • Hybrid & Multi-Cloud - Realtime data security. No dilution of file governance across cloud storage endpoints. 
  • Intelligent Threat Response - Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven threat protection and incident response prevents the spread of breaches inside any data center and cloud. 
  • Zero-Trust - Never trust, always verify. Identity-centric attributes obtained from Azure Active Directory metadata and evaluated with risk-based escalations. 
  • Compliance & Governance - Single pane of glass compliance measures and risk management in support of client’s requirements.

Simple, Fast & Secure.

  • Easily deployed in under an hour.
  • No additional hardware, staffing, training, user interface, or IT resources required. 

Do these Use Cases sound familiar?

  • I want to encrypt data at the file level with low latency.
  • I want to protect files from prying eyes both inside and outside my organization.
  • I want “idiot-proof” security with no user interactions.
  • I want to migrate my files to the cloud securely.
  • I want to safeguard against man-in-the middle, ransomware, and other attacks.
  • Active Cypher File Fortress addresses these and more. Gain absolute control of your business' files with Active Cypher.