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Build your own Automated Chat Support Agent with our Chatbot Automation Wizard

We offer Business-First solutions, using Microsoft robust BotFramework, to help automate, streamline and enhance your Customer & Employee Help Desk. Our Help Desk solution will:
  • Reduce your Call Center costs.
  • Increase user satisfaction with faster ticket resolution times.
  • Allow efficient use of human resources to do complex “human-only” tasks, and let our Chatbot take care of support.
How It Works?
  • A Large cost on help desk call centers, is users who are experiencing technical difficulties, such as Internet not working properly, or their computer is malfuntioning.
  • Call center operators follow precise scripts to troubleshoot client’s issue, and here we take advantage of this and feed this script to a Chatbot to interact with the user.
  • Whether it is just suggesting fixes for Internet Settings configuration, or step-by-step Troubleshooting for computer or email issues.
  • Most of the times, issues are solved with a simple troubleshooting, and this way your call center is freed up to take care of more complex issues, and will have much higher issue resolution turnover.
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