Aimia Loyalty Platform SaaS

Aimia Loyalty Solutions

ALP SaaS is the loyalty technology brands trust to power data collection, campaigns and promotions.

The Aimia Loyalty Platform SaaS (ALP SaaS) is an Azure hosted loyalty platform providing you with the business logic, flexibility and industry leading technology to enable personalization, as well as implement and manage a successful loyalty and rewards program. While suitable for any business size and vertical, ALP SaaS is scaled to suit the complex requirements of large enterprise organizations, offering out-of-the-box functionality. Capture, track and profile in-depth customer data across multiple transactions, channels and touch points. Aimia’s on-demand loyalty platform helps companies identify their most loyal customers, tailor and segment customer data across behavioral and lifestyle stages, and predict future behavior in order to deliver targeted campaigns, offers and experiences to market more efficiently and effectively. Platform Core Functionality: •Customer Management •Program Management •Currency options and Accrual •Customer Data •Rewards Management & Redemption •Loyalty Management •Segmentation & Personalization •Campaigns & Promotions •Analytics & Measurement •API Integrated Ecosystem built on Microsoft Stack Platform Key Benefits: •Customizable and flexible rewards for transactional and interactional customer behavior •Ability to run a points-free engagement program focused on surprise and delight and targeted messaging •Simplify loyalty operations through configuration across multiple locations, currencies, customer attributes, promotions, rewards and more •Dynamic offer engine based on rules and machine learning analytics triggers real-time action to customer