Antares QBot – Transforming Teaching and Learning


“QBot”, is an AI-infused bot that answers student queries and creates a learning community

First making waves internationally at Microsoft Inspire, Our Teaching and Learning Solution QBot improves engagement and collaboration amongst students and teachers. It provides a personalised learning experience to help students reach their full potential.

The objective of the QBot implementation program, is to help customers provide quality Teaching and Learning experience on Microsoft Teams at scale.  


Here are some key features of this program: 

  • Automation of Microsoft Teams provisioning
  • Automation of Microsoft Teams, channel, tab and app configuration
  • Automation of QBot provisioning in relevant Teams
  • Single knowledge base to help scale, reduce cost and ease management  
  • Dynamic metadata to control knowledge base queries
  • 1-1 Chat
  • Learning Analytics
  • Customer Success Program
  • Technical Support

Proven results: 

QBot implementation at the University of New South Wales has increased:  

  • Student Engagement to 100%
  • Course pass rate from 65% to 85%
  • Student satisfaction from 67% to more than 90%
  • Significant time savings that allow the Teaching Assistants to spend more time with the students  

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