Appraisd performance management system


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Performance management platform that helps organisations nurture, retain talent and drive growth

Uncover your team's potential whilst focusing on company objectives and growth.

With Appraisd, your teams gets a dedicated performance management tool that focus on:


We understand that each company is different and needs a solution that is personal to them. Our platform is flexible allowing you to customise your approach to fit your business.

  • Create review forms that are relevant to your needs and choose the process best suited to your culture and way of working.
  • Create a tailored approach that matches the varied needs of departments, managers and employees, while retaining a consistent framework.
  • Automated review cycles and pertinent reminders help employees to take the initiative and encourage managers to adopt a coaching approach.
  • Enhanced feedback capability helps employees to understand their performance, ask for support and receive recognition.

Key benefits of using Appraisd to ensure your employees' performance:

  1. Purposeful regular conversations

  2. Less time spent planning allowing more time for purposeful conversations

  3. Increased employee performance and engagement.


Appraisd is built to deliver clear value to managers and employees, no matter where or how they work.

  • Set SMART goals in line with your company culture and growth plans and review/update these regularly
  • Prioritise strategic tasks and measure execution
  • Get access to data-driven reports that offer a view into employee performance, highlight top talent and skill gaps
Key benefits of using Appraisd to ensure business alignment:

  1. Strategic business alignment and data-driven insights

  2. Increased employee productivity focusing on key business goals

  3. Reduced HR time spent on administrative tasks associated with reviews


Reward and value employees for their efforts whilst supporting their career development.

  • Easy to use platform, no complex learning curve for your employees
  • Allow employees to take ownership of their career progression and request support when needed
  • Build development plans that support employee acquisition and retention plans that help nurture your best talent

Key benefits of using Appraisd for employee progression:

  1. People-centred approach to business success

  2. Increased employee ownership of their own development and career progression

  3. Top talent retention and reduced employee turnover

Why we’re different?

  1. Customisable: The flexible system can adapt to and support your business needs, existing processes and specific requirements.

  1. Consultative: We listen to and understand your particular needs, helping you create the process best suited to your business, ensuring managers and employees quickly adopt and embrace it.

  2. Focused: Unlike all-in-one platforms that try to do everything, Appraisd is focused on employee performance, and is built specifically to drive employee development.

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