AppStudio is a suite of offerings for managing apps using a standardized methodology.

Your business is always-on. Software applications make that possible. If you’re making changes to your OS or app delivery system, make sure that nothing slows you down.

Software applications are the lifeblood of any organization. They are the tools we use to make our data come to life - allowing for interaction, analysis, and presentation of information in a meaningful way. OS upgrades, hardware changes, new delivery technologies and cloud integration all have the potential to upset your environment with compatibility, migration, or conflict issues.

Software is leading the way today in driving business forward. This is great news as new security features come online, increased functionality is added and capabilities are expanded. Unfortunately, for every upgrade your OS or delivery systems undergo, and every new application added, there are a myriad of patches, compatibility/conflict checks and virtualization assessments to be completed.

Managing applications to ensure that you are standardized, up to date, and ready for the next system change is an ongoing challenge.

Send us your applications, tell us what OS or delivery technology you are working with or moving to, and we'll package them up so they work perfectly - from the moment you roll them out. Professional, consistent, simple.

Complementary services to AppFactory include the following:

When you're not sure which apps will work, which ones won't and which ones will take a more effort to "fit" with the new OS or delivery format. We take the list, assess them for applicability and provide recommendations aligned to your objectives.

You have the applications, you know some of what you need to do but you need help. We work with the software and delivery formats and ensure you are ready for rollout.

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