Customer Engagement Models


Empower smarter marketing decisions and drive measurable business impact with practical AI and ML


The evolving complexity of the customer journey and the constant flow of big data make it challenging for Marketers to make timely and accurate decisions about customers – and how to best ensure their long-term retention and profitability.  Customer engagement models helps Marketers resolve this challenge.


Applying a unique set of proven, pre-built customer engagement machine learning models help Marketers be better at their jobs. Integrating seamlessly with a CRM, ElectrifAi’s machine learning models applies the power of predictive analytics to help decision makers capture, assess and make future decisions about their audience's behavior along critical pathways, channels and at key touch points.

With rich data insights unlocked, Marketers can make content, campaign and offer decisions that are optimally personalized, sequenced and messaged—yielding the most powerful and financially beneficial customer outcomes.

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