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Get your students engaged with audio materials online with inline questions and discussions.

What is Interactive Audio?

Instructors can add interactive questions within audio files and engage students in commenting their perspectives on the files and sharing how it impacted on their view on the topic.

Why is Interactive Audio useful for learning?

Audio files are an interesting way for students to understand concepts. However, too often students are only passively consuming the content. By adding interactivity and social elements, you can increase deeper learning, as well as enable students to make use of the knowledge of their peers. There are many learning activities teachers can organise using this Comprehension tool. Examples are:

  • Students complete a listening practice test
  • The teacher provides the class with audio feedback on an assignment
  • Students comment on an audio clip of a musical performance

    • How does Interactive Audio work?

      Interactive Audio is a tool used to encourage interactivity while listening to audio files. This tool allows both student and teacher to add discussion topics and practice questions on the audio file. These will be visible to everyone, which encourages exchange between students. While the students are listening to the file, questions and discussion topics will pop up. By encouraging interactivity, the instructor ensures that students are actually using the full potential of the audio file. This is supported by transparent analytics, information on possible intervention moments and straight forward moderation. This tool was designed with the firm belief that its ease of use will determine its success. Therefore, depending on the teacher’s didactic method, the plugin allows them to create extra activities such as:

    • Discussion on statements put forward in the audio file
    • Personalization of the audio by skipping parts which are already understood
    • Priming students thinking by asking questions that will be answered later
    • Online discussion on the audio content fueled by participation grading
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