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eReadiness - for instant transparency on your Windows 10 migrations and upgrades

Are you ready to manage your organisation’s frequent, time-consuming and potentially stressful Windows 10 migrations and upgrades?

With eReadiness, you come prepared. This practical tool/toolbox is the effective, hands-on management product that helps you take control. eReadiness helps you successfully take migration hurdles, while ensuring you don’t miss your upgrade deadline, resulting in costly security risks and liabilities. Without the bells and whistles of complicated all-encompassing and expensive product suites, eReadiness helps you work miracles for your mandatory Windows 10 upgrades and upgrades.
Obviously, you take the mandatory Windows 10 migrations and upgrades for your organisation very seriously. As Microsoft has moved away from Big Bang version launches in favour of a subscription model with much more frequent upgrades, a new and daunting task awaits every business. Even more so for IT departments of medium to large-size enterprises. They need strong support in planning and implementing the Windows upgrades in a timely fashion, without disruption, with the least effort and without mistakes, with proper testing of applications, hardware and drivers. Take control – minimise and control risks Since Microsoft changed its upgrade and update strategy, every business is potentially at risk. Organisations that fail to update properly risk becoming unsupported by Microsoft and unprotected against the latest threats by ransomware and other malware, as their Windows version cannot get the latest security updates. Eliminate this risk for your organisation, by taking control with the powerful eReadiness command and control center. From there, initiate, manage and check everything that needs to be done to get your organisation into the next phase of the Windows 10 lifecycle. At every step of the way, you have control, thanks to the insight and overview that comes with eReadiness’ clear dashboard. eReadiness means: being in control, every step of the way eReadiness offers the tools to turn a timeconsuming, possibly disruptive process into an easy to handle set of manageable projects. It saves you the time and effort of preparing out-ofdate spreadsheets and databases. It’s all there for you, in eReadiness!
A sound investment, because:
• eReadiness offers a clearer picture of what needs to be done and where you are.
• eReadiness helps prevent costly mistakes and make sure no step in the process is forgotten.
• eReadiness helps you organise, implement and manage more in less time.
• eReadiness helps eliminate the risk missing upgrade deadlines and hence of missing out support.

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