QuEST Global Digital

Adding intelligence to your business operations through Vision Analytics.

QuEST ThirdEye is an artificial intelligence powered Vision Analytics platform that aims to improve operational intelligence by enhancing decision-making abilities across different business scenarios. This solution is designed to complement and boost your business’ existing CCTV and/or IP camera infrastructure, offering actionable insights and specific patterns based on the video feeds captured by the cameras. This application sends the camera feed data from your camera to the edge-computing hardware for video/image processing. This data is then passed onto the chosen cloud platform, and process there to provide real time and predictive analytics to different stakeholders.

This solution is suitable for multiple different Industries such as retail, transportation, healthcare, oil and gas, optical inspection for manufacturing and more. Some of the use cases that have been applied include; smart parking, smart lobbies, retail heat maps, face detection, quality checks, PCB defect detection, and vehicle number plate detection.

Some of the key features include:

      • Object Identification – identifies person, vehicles and 80+ other objects and parameters
      • Facial recognition – Real time demographics, unknown person/suspect flagging
      • Product Inspection – Automates product monitoring and quality control n manufacturing
      • Video Analytics at the Edge – Derive patterns and actionable insides and have the reports summarized on your feed 

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