AML Digital Managed Services

PwC Advisory spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością spółka komandytowa द्वारा

AI-driven end-to-end solution for management of operational and compliance processes

Anti-Financial Crime Digital Managed Services

PwC Anti-Financial Crime Digital Managed Services platform is a solution hosted on Microsoft Azure for an end to end management and execution of managed services process including but not limited to: AML operations, KYC reviews, Transaction Monitoring, process management,alerts investigation and many more. 

Our platform is built on Microsoft Azure for 

  • managing work of operations through workflow, smart forms and live reporting
  • quality management (built-in quality component with reporting)
  • creating ownership structure and visualization
  • automation of data and document processing
  • AI driven negative news, PEP and sanctions screening analysis
  • automated documentation review and data gathering

Key benefits 

  • Microsoft Azure delivery - SaaS delivery model shortens implementation time, dramatically improving cyber security and risk management level, simplifies maintenance and future scalability of the system 
  • Compliance and risk management - Compliance regulation requirements met in smarter and quicker ways always updated, exposure to risk and not meeting the compliance regulations reduced
  • Cost reduction - Significant cost savings by automating each step of your compliance processes
  • Short timeline of deployment - Implementation y model allows quick and seamless deployment; 4-6 weeks for standard processes
  • Low (no) code implementation and maintenance - allows flexible configuration and future changes of processes, data points, attributes, roles, sources and compliance requirements directly through user interface
  • Smart automation - contains unique PwC built and tested automations using AI, machine learning and data science processes
  • Subject matter expertise - leverages PwC expertise and experience in running regulatory and compliance operations
  • Mix and match applications - Flexibility of implementing end to end platform, modules and selected applications or integrating selected functionality via API
  • PKYC and STP ready - move your compliance processes to the next level by implementing perpetual KYC based on our solution

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