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Red Box call / voice recording for Dynamics 365

Red Box

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Take your sales to the next level with the combined power of Red Box and Dynamics 365 Sales Insights

Microsoft Strategic Partner and Preferred Telephony Provider, Red Box, is a leading global voice capture specialist providing secure and resilient capture from over 55 UC and telephony platform integrations (legacy and new).

You can be up and running fast and leveraging high quality call audio and metadata from your existing infrastructure to deliver valuable and actionable sales insights within conversation intelligence, part of Dynamics 365 Sales Insights.

Whether you're looking to onboard Red Box as your voice capture/call recording platform, already have Red Box in place, or are looking to Red Box to provide a quality voice capture overlay where another call recording solution is already installed, contact us today to get started.

The benefits of leveraging call data captured by Red Box in conversation intelligence

Dynamics 365 Sales Insights, in partnership with Red Box, empowers Sales Managers to analyze calls at scale and generate valuable insights that will enable them to optimise training and coaching and ultimately improve the performance of individual sales reps and the team as a whole.

  • Accelerate conversion and increase win rates
  • Determine and define best practise for sales calls
  • Identify trends to tailor and optimize training programs
  • Provide personalized and targeted coaching for individual agents
  • Accelerate the onboarding process

Red Box is trusted by leading organizations across financial, contact center, government and public safety sectors (including six of the world’s top banks, 85% of global interdealer brokers, 1,700 call centers and over 70% of UK police forces) and we capture and secure millions of calls daily for over 3,000 customers around the world.

For more information on the combined power of Red Box and call intelligence, part of Dynamics 365 Sales Insights, or to get started, contact us today.