CHEQ Multi-channel Internal Communication Chatbot

Talk-A-Bot द्वारा

CHEQ is an internal digital communication tool for deskless workers via Teams and VIber

The main task of CHEQ is to manage the employee’s present and everyday life. It gives you easy access to information and announcements from your company to help you stay up to date. This includes information such as announcements of public interest, regulatory changes, presentation of a new colleague (in small groups as well), hazard reports, or communication of any kind of outages.

Besides we are giving employees the opportunity to proactively contribute to the development of the company by requesting feedback through questionnaires, evaluating applications, or reporting a mistake through a photo and a brief description, thus delivering it immediately to the right person. What they have in common is that management can measure employee activity, number, and distribution of reactions on a monthly, weekly, or daily basis.

The features included in CHEQ create a private & secure live video solution intended for multi-channel internal communication and crisis management in every company with many blue-collar deskless workforce. 

Features include:

  • Sending out text or video announcements to all employees and target groups
  • Pulse Checks, surveys for close to real-time employee feedback. Anonym or with name
  • Polls
  • Anonymous messaging from bottom up
  • Automated document sendouts

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