Voice Alert for Microsoft Teams

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Keeping people safe and informed, everywhere, every time with Voice alert on Microsoft Teams.

Voice Alert is an alert management application, which can be used to alert a list of internal or external recipients automatically and play a recorded audio message alert or send text messages to Microsoft Teams users.

Voice Alert can also send SMS, emails or Fax and can play audio on SIP Speakers.

You can also create a conference on-the-fly with all the destinations, to handle crisis management.

Voice Alert can check that the call/message was taken into account and otherwise repeat the call or escalate.

Voice Alert displays a dashboard and generates reports that can be sent to supervisors.

Different usages
  • Breakdown: When a machine breaks down, it may automatically raise an alert by a dry contact. This will alert the maintenance team, either by a text message or a call on MS Teams until, one of them accepts it.
  • Security alert: A standard desk agent may raise an alert by pressing a panic button. The security team is alerted by a call on MS Teams or mobile phone and acknowledges.
  • Crisis management: Allows creating automatically a conference between participants to take urgent decisions.
  • Evacuation alert: The security agents trigger an alert from a web control panel. All the employees of the building are alerted by a call on Microsoft Teams. The audio message is also played in the corridors by SIP speakers

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