Tookitaki AMLS Customer Risk Scoring Module

Tookitaki Holding Pte. Ltd

A customer risk assessment solution with dynamic and holistic customer risk scoring

Powered by advanced machine learning, Tookitaki’s Customer Risk Scoring (CRS) module addresses the market needs and provides an effective and scalable customer risk rating solution and categorizes customers into three risk tiers - High, Moderate and Low. The solution comes with a powerful analytics layer that includes actionable insights and easy explanations for business users to make faster and more informed decisions.

Tookitaki AMLS-CRS enables financial institutions to realize benefits with dynamic customer risk scoring, leveraging advanced machine learning models for: 
  • Unifying customer risk score for enhanced risk coverage 
  • Highly accurate understanding of the customer you do business with 
  • Improved effectiveness of Enhanced Due Diligence and enable more thorough analysis with fewer resources 
  • Better customer experience with dynamic scoring for each customer
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