D365 Human Resources: 5-Wk Implementation


Dynamics 365 Human Resources. With this 5 weeks project we are going implement the complete platform including all standard features regarding Dynamics 365 Human Resources.

5 week Dynamics 365 Human Resources Implementation, focus on a transforming employee life cycle .

With this service we provide and end to end project implementation with a full Microsoft's certified team. Following and agile methodologies, we are going to analyze and design the solution, implement all business requirements, and train and deploy on Production environments. We estimate 1 weeks of analysis, 3 weeks of development and 1-2 weeks of deployment and training. Complexity of the estimation, is based on total number of users, number of business processes, automations and integrations if required.

The main goal of the implementation is centralizing your workforce data in a single solution designed to improve your daily work. During the agile deployment, we will work closely with your HR team, in order to understand the ongoing challenges of the area and encourage them to become independent with the solution.

Main Outcomes are:

  • Incorporate a single solution to manage workforce information
  • Implement internal processes
  • Analytics allowing human resoources Teams to work smarter

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