Dynamics 365 Confirming: 1-Wk Implementation


Solution to generate the Confirming file from Dynamics 365 Finance complying with all the informational requirements of the banking entities.

Easily manage supplier payments

Configure the system so that Dynamics 365 Finance can generate Confirming, facilitating financing and strengthening the mutual business relationship between you and your suppliers.

Do not suffer tensions in treasury

Offer your suppliers the possibility of charging earlier to have liquidity before the expiration of your invoices through a financial company that will be in charge of managing these payments.

Avoid the risk of defaults

Through the confirming mode without resources, the collection of your invoices will be insured, and the risk of non-payment will fall on the financial institution or bank that manages the payments.

The agenda of activities for the consultants will be: Day 1 Install the ISV in a Development environment Day 2 Deploy in UAT environment Configure the ISV and test in UAT Day 3 Deploy in Production. Day 4 Support GoLive to guarantee that everything is working properly.

This agenda is indicative. The final price will be adjusted and approved by the client depending on the additional bank formats to the 4 pre-existing ones (Santander, Caixa, Sabadell y Bankinter).

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