Low Code: 8Wk Strategy and Implementation

Business Integration Partners

Low-code is the new paradigm in the field of software development, lowering the barrier to entry, cost, and time. This new frontier is an important enabler in modern app realization and more.

Bip is the international consultancy firm of the 21st century recognized as Microsoft Gold Partner for its outstanding skills and experiences in Data, Cloud, Analytics and SW Development, among others. Bip offers world-class communities of 300+ highly talented, interdisciplinary professionals, including Low-code Specialists, Full Stack / UI Developer, and RPA Specialists, Cloud (Data) Architects and Engineers, Data Scientists, Data Governance Experts, and Data Visualizers, IT Architect and Network / IoT / Blockchain / Experts.

The Microsoft Power Platform is an enabler for the automation and digitalization of business processes using low coding approach. By developing Canvas and Model-Driven Apps, we help our customers build and use custom business apps, across multiple devices, for manage their business process. Our approach in structured in three main phases:

• Solution Strategy: For those contexts where Microsoft 365 is present but there is no culture on the Power Platform or there is early prototyping by the business that needs to be supported to reach the enterprise features.

• Solution Governance: For those contexts where IT must deal with the management of self-service solutions of the business or industrialized solutions of multiple system integrators, to designing and implementing a governance model compatible with the standards of traditional solutions

• Solution Development: For those contexts where it is necessary a "turnkey" realization of a software solution to support the business, from the self-service application to the “enterprise system” into IT application map. We take care of the whole lifecycle of realization, from concept to delivery and eventually application maintenance.

Engagement time and cost will be quoted case by case.

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