Defender for Endpoint Managed Service

e2e-assure Ltd

Microsoft Defender Managed Services, 24/7 detection and response to cyber attacks through Defender.

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint is one of the leading Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) cyber security tools and one which many organisations already have access to, via various Microsoft 365 licence options, but are not necessarily leveraging effectively to reduce cyber risk. A lack of relevant human resource or skills is a major concern for many organisations along with the ability to have eyes on 24/7.

One of the biggest challenges across cyber security is the over-reliance upon technology itself, without due consideration for the people and processes that are needed to make the technology truly effective. The same is true for Microsoft Defender and that is where we come in. It takes many years, and significant spend, to build a Security Operations Centre that can deliver effective cyber security monitoring. Luckily, we have invested in building out that expertise and can support all organisations in improving their cyber security and help mitigate their risk at a fraction of the cost of doing it in-house.

MICROSOFT DEFENDER SERVICE COVERAGE The two e2e-assure MDS offerings are targeted at Microsoft 365 customers, utilising one or more of the relevant Microsoft Defender services. Defender for Endpoint forms the core service, to which Defender for Cloud, Defender for Identity and Defender for Office 365 can be added. The e2e Microsoft Defender Services (MDS) are available at two levels dependent upon the customers attitude to cyber risk and budget. Both services have Security Cleared e2e-assure expert analysts monitoring the customers environments 24/7, these are Monitored and Managed.

MONITORED MDS The e2e-assure Monitored MDS service is designed to give base-line coverage of the Defender toolset whilst providing all the functionality listed on the right. Remediation advice is delivered in a time relevant manner through the Microsoft Teams app. A monthly report, covers both the service itself, including SLAs, and looks at security events which occurred during that month. This is complimented with advice on improving the customers security posture going forwards. This leverages both the Microsoft Defender toolset capabilities and the e2e-assure proprietary management platform.

MANAGED MDS The e2e-assure Managed MDS service looks to build upon the features of the monitored service by adding extended functionality and higher service levels. In addition to delivering the remediation advice the e2e-assure Analysts will work alongside the customer to resolve the issue and assist in building out automated responses to certain threats. The monthly report is delivered by a collaborative Teams session where an analyst or consultant will discuss their findings and help prioritise any broader remediation plans. Custom rules will also be created to address any customer specific scenarios.

SERVICE LEVELS There are two constituent parts to the e2e-assure MDS Service levels: Average Response Time, to alerts, and the Uptime of the service. Average Response Time (ART) e2e-assure categorise alerts into the four same categories as Microsoft. Generally High alerts require a response as soon as possible and informational is just that. The SLA for High level incidents is 30 minutes on the managed service. Service Uptime Both the Monitored and Managed services have a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

PRICING Pricing is on a per user per month basis, based upon the required service, Monitored or Managed. This typically sits around £6 pupm but is dependent upon numbers of users, numbers of services and is subject to a minimum spend.

CONTRACT LENGTH Typically from 12 -36 months.

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