MicroStrategy to Power BI:8 Week Implementation

iLink Systems, Inc.

Quickly and efficiently migrate your MicroStrategy dashboards and infrastructure to Power BI to utilize its capabilities.

Our consultants, with a deep knowledge about both MicroStrategy and Power BI, will work closely with you to understand your requirements, formulate the required data models to give the best reporting experience to end users, while replicating your MicroStrategy dashboards, reports and infrastructure in Power BI.

We will partner with you to maximize the value extracted from the BI solutions and the return-on-investment for your business.

You can achieve the following things with this exercise: -Identification of gaps in current business needs, data quality issues -Enablement of the capabilities and functionality of the existing platform in Power BI
-Reduced operational costs, removal of redundancy, increased adoption of data analytics tools -Greater scalability, performance and flexibility

Why our customers prefer us for MicroStrategy to Power BI migration:

-Analysis and optimization of MicroStrategy solutions best suited for Power BI -Since iLink continuously looks for the best UX on every report, we will seek for a better UX; example being reducing the number of clicks to get a particular insight
-Proven track record of migrating reports from MicroStrategy to Power BI -Well planned schedule for the retirement of MicroStrategy and enablement of Power BI

Approach and deliverables:
-Prepare the inventory of reports -Review existing platform: Migration assessment of reports as well as data -Reports and data requirement gathering, identify high priority items and related opportunities
-Development of data models and reports with incorporating the early feedback -Deployment, handover to support team and end-user training -Help to set a support system post-deployment

MVP: -From inventory of reports, identify the high impact reports -In first few sprints, focus on high impact reports getting to production

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